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Value-based Business Strategy & Innovation

1. Introduction

A qualitative perspective: Teece’s PFI framework

In his 1986 classic, “Profiting from Technological Innovation”, Teece argued that the appropriability regime and access to complementary assets are
two key determinants of how the value created through innovation is distributed.
Appropriability regime

The strength of the AR describes how difficult it is for others to imitate an innovation

The appropriability regime may be strong due to effective patent protection (e.g., in pharmaceuticals) or due to effective secrecy (e.g., ceramics, beverages)

Complementary assets

Assets needed in order
to commercialize the innovation

Examples: production capacity, distribution channels, brand

Not a problem for profiting from innovation: CAs that can be sourced on a competitive market

Problematic: CAs in monopolistic supply (typically assets to which the innovation is specialized)